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Author: Jimmy Malwaukee

Choosing And Taking Care Of Circle Lenses

Choosing and taking care of circle lenses requires that you have some knowledge unlike wearing it. Most people will find that part of wearing circle lens quite easy. It’s important that you get to know how to choose the ideal circle lenses for yourself on and how to take care of it as these two factors greatly contribute to circle lens hygiene. The eye is a very delicate part of the body hence we need to be cautious when dealing with it. This article will take you through some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right circle lens, how to take care of the and some of the misconceptions associated with circle lens.

Choosing the right type of circle lens

Water content – water content is a factor that determines the quality of the lens. The lens water content should not be too high or too low. A high lens water content leads to dry eye as most of the moisture in the eye will be absorbed by such lens. This will in turn lead to discomfort in the eye. On the other hand, low moisture content will lead to poor aeration hence less oxygen permeability. The ideal lens water content should be about 50 to 60 percent.

Lens diameter – this is simply the lens size. A wide lens diameter will give you a big eye effect. With the lens diameter, you will get a better insight of the size of the lens together with its iris coverage. The other lens aspect that very as much affects the lens size is the limbal ring. The limbal ring is a major factor when it comes to the enlargement of the lens. Small diameter lenses can have quite a big enlargement as a result of the limbal ring effect. This simply means that when shopping, you need to pay attention to the limbal ring as much as you pay attention to the diameter.

Base curve – the lens base curve is the other major factor. You can simply visit an eye doctor to know the kind of base curve lens will fit your eye. Not getting the base curve right may lead to a lot of discomforts when considering circle lenses.


You will need extra care of the lens because it comes in contact with the eye. To completely avoid chances of getting exposed to bacterial infection, you need to always wash your hands when in contact with the lens. If you feel any discomfort just after wearing them, then you will have to remove the circle lenses and inspect them for any tear.

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding circle lens. The first being that they a bad for the eyes and may cause blindness. This is not true as there are equal chances of going blind with circle lenses as there are with other types of lenses. The other one regards the length to which you are allowed to wear contact lenses. Like any other lenses, you can only wear circle lenses for up to 8 hours. This applies to all the lenses. With this information, you can now choose the right lens and manage to take care of it.

A Truly International School in Seoul

Are you looking for an International school in Seoul?

If yes then look no further. Seoul Scholars International is an institution offering secondary education for students from the 8th to the 12th grade. Located at Daechi-Dong in Seoul, Seoul Scholars International aims at providing preparatory studies to scholars in order to meet challenges of higher education abroad. As an international school in Seoul, it offers an avenue for returnees who would want to continue with a culture that they are accustomed to.
As stated in its mission statement, the school endeavors to offer a very stimulating and challenging form of education that prepares as well inspire students for successful academic undertakings ahead. In order to achieve this, the school employees a thorough and advanced system of educational offers. English, Social studies, Science, Technology and Mathematics. All these are curriculum subjects that are taught exceptionally to standards that ensure success at the university level. Extra-curricular activities are not spared either. At Seoul Scholars International, you will most definitely find an activity of your choice. Model United Nations(MUN) for those who are interested in issues that affect the world. For the Musicians, the SSI Orchestra offers an opportunity to participate in concerts on ad off campus. Sportsmen on the other hand can join the SSI Volleyball and Basketball clubs to gain skills, strategies and also keeping fit. The Year Book and Book Clubs provide an opportunity for budding writers, journalists and photographers.
A school is as good as the quality of its staff members. Seoul Scholars International school has highly qualified teaching staff. Most of the teachers qualified from some of the best colleges. They have the necessary certification in their areas of specialization. A part from teaching, the school also offers student support services through the following counseling services; assisting new students in determining the relevant study programs as well as general support through their academic life, college counseling that assists students during college application process. Scholars are encouraged to explore their interests and abilities in the application process.
Student life at Seoul Scholars International school is comfortable, flexible and highly enjoyable. The school operates on a flexible calendar that can be easily managed. The shuttle bus services are also accessible. Engrade Pro is the school’s Learning Management System (LMS). The systems keeps a database of vital student information ranging from grades to attendance. Students, parents and teachers can access up to date issues on students and classes. It is also important to note that we have different school uniforms for summer, spring/autumn and winter.

Are you interested in joining Seoul Scholars International?

The institution has rolling admission that should be done before the commencement of any semester. Scholars taking up this option are encouraged to apply at least a semester before the preferred start date. The admission process involves the following steps:Firstly, the student with assistance of the parent has to fill an application form. The information in the form is strictly for admission and can not be shared with a third party. Secondly, those who pass the initial application process are invited for an interview and an entrance exam on a date notified by the admissions office. The students who qualify will be notified individually. Any need for an International school in Seoul,you are welcome to Seoul Scholars International.

SM Inc. – The Best NBR Float Producer In The Entire Industry

SM Inc. remains the leading nbr float producer in the entire industry. Our guiding principle is cascaded on unyielding integrity. Our company helps to boost customer relations with respect to the top-notch product we provide to prospective clients. Our product can be used in liquid propane industry, automotive industry and other liquid sensing industries. We have been successful in business due to the strategic planning used in our service. Our procurement and recruitment processes remain the best in producing top-notch float, time and again. With respect to our guiding principle we have been able to build a reputation that no other rival company can underrate.

Our product is designed from cellular and expanded rubber materials. Our product is simply an elastomer based flotation item with several characteristics. Our float unleashes good mechanical properties, low liquid absorption rate, high electrical insulation and improved thermal conductivity. Users will discover that liquid penetration is not possible when using our product. This is simply because of the continuous independent closed cell structure of the product. Our float unleashes buoyancy feature to get rid of the possibility of sudden damage.

The uniformity of cell structure in our product provides enhanced reliability. Our float also has very good liquid compatibility feature for alcohol blended fuels, gasoline, diesel and liquid propane. This will also help for fuel conversion. Our service come core values that you can depend on. This can be found in the likes of value creation for shareholders, driven to the best, continuous innovation, passionately focused on customer’s success and staff-centered management. If you are looking to take your float experience to the next level, simply give us a call today. Our NBR float is unique, effective, reliable and efficient. We strive on a daily basis to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the NBR float we produce.