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Discover the New Payment Kiosks

Modern day interactive kiosks dole out many services throughout our daily lives. One of those types of K-Kiosk that have made our lives a lot easy and smooth is the payment kiosk. This kind of kiosks comprises of automated self-service units that are ideal for paying your bills at supermarkets, grocery stores, and pharmacies. The payment kiosks speed up payment because they can accept and process cash, cheques, and credit cards.

Remember a day at the bank or paying for car fuels a couple of years back. Today, we can stop at a convenience or a departmental store on the way to work or back, shop for necessities, and pay the bills for any purchases at a bill payment kiosk. You can pay by cash or credit card and even by cheques without hesitation. No longer waits in the queue, no more embarrassment at sharing extremely private or confidential information with stranger counter persons, and no more errors anywhere.

Airport kiosks1

For organizations, payment K-Kiosks have reduced a lot of pain. Gone are the days when there were huge miscellaneous costs at the end of the year that collected from lost cash and cheques, acceptance of counterfeit cash or cheques, errors made by employees, and delay in reaching money.

Payment kiosks are programmed to accept paper notes and validate them. They are also automated to read cheque codes and return canceled cheques. If the users do not pay the exact amounts as in the invoices or bills, the payment kiosks debit or credit the difference accordingly into the accounts of the users. These kiosks are equally efficient and reliable in accepting payments through credit or debit cards.

No doubt, these payment kiosks contribute to improved customer satisfaction by reducing queue time and processing errors. Transactions at K-Kiosks are processed faster, and real money reaches respective accounts within a day. Losses organisation incurred earlier because of fraud and counterfeiting are significantly reduced while employee productivity is increased. Organizations and marketing teams can now focus more aggressively on direct marketing and brand promotion issues.

What Buford Fencing Company Can Do

Contractors since 1996, Buford Fence Company has provided our customers with high-quality products and services, whether it is residential or commercial fence installations. We always respect our customers opinion and listen to what they have to say before we advise them. For almost 20 years now, we have brought the best as well as longest-lasting fencing material and solutions in all areas within Buford and Atlanta. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the best quality fencing as well as professional installations, which are virtually trouble free.



Our Service
We are a full-service fencing contractor offering design, installation and repair for commercial, industrial and residential fencing products and services. We deal with all types of fences for whatever situation ranging from expert repairs as well as security fence installations to accessories, fittings as well as posts. For your property, we offer true investment grade protection. For almost 2 decades now, we have added security as well as a value to businesses and homes, while every work we do is guaranteed with 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our services include but not limited to Gates, privacy fences, picket fences, chain link fences, ornamental fences, and custom solutions. Apart from quality installations, we offer fence repairs. Our qualified experts can work with any fence product style. Removal of damaged posts, welding, and the addition of new railing, we are good it all. To us, there is no job too small, all we take with seriousness. However, with the right experience coupled with right tools to handle whatever style of damaged fencing, we always get it right.
We offer free consultations and estimates for your property fencing. After assessing your property and determining your requirements, we advise you on what fence you require. We give you any available options so that you can choose what fits your best in terms of what meets your fencing requirements as well as what your funds can achieve. Once we have come to an understanding, we discuss any remaining requirements and fix a date of commencement.

Team of Experts
We have a qualified team of experts at your disposal. Our employees are hired on the basis of experience. They are very friendly and know what is expected of them. We run a background check so that you don’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of your property. They keep you posted on what is happening and the expectations. They are ready to answer whatever questions you have with regard to the project. They are highly motivated hence very efficient.

We have the right equipment for whatever project regardless of size and scope. We understand that it is through using proper tools that a job will be perfectly and efficiently done. Our experts do not have tailor any tool to get a job done, they have been provided with the right equipment including heavy duty equipment for handling big jobs. In addition, we are fully insured as well as licensed.

This is not even a quarter of what we can do. Contact us today and learn more of what we can offer you. Buford fence company welcomes you to see our full-size installation samples so that we can assist you come to a decision. We provide competitive bids while our experts get all jobs done in time.

Neo – The Smart Pen For You

What are the things that make the first day of school exciting and fun? Undoubtedly, among them are the new sets of things you have in your bag! From the smell of new books and papers to the first bright ink of your pens. And we are not just talking about ordinary pens, we are talking about the Neo Smart Pen! But more so, the pen is not just for those who go to school, but for professionals and people in the corporate world.


What makes Neo Smart Pen special?

The Neo Smart Pen N2 is the newest tool for students and adults that can help them study and remember things using their mobile devices. Having different kinds of gadgets are great, but sometimes, it is hard to draw diagrams or type down everything during an important meeting. The Neo Smart Pen has all the solutions to this. It boasts a camera that watches at 120 frames per second and remembers what you write in your mobile.
The N2 can sense the pressure you utilize when you write. However, it needs a special paper that has Ncode technology. The special paper has intricate, tiny character patterns that signals the N2 and the companion app (the Neo Notes, found in Google) to know the page you are writing on. And then uses Bluetooth to connect with iOs or Android.

What is the craze all about?

Through the Neo Notes, you can just register or connect your N2 with your mobile device. The Neo Smart Pen has a button allowing a person to turn on and off the pen. A full color LED light signifies that it is on when it is in a pairing mode, or signifies that the battery is running low. The pen has an internal memory, storing whatever you wrote then transfers or saves them later on when you are not around or even when you forgot to pair it. The pen can hold up on its offline writing about 1000 pages on A4 paper.
The N2 and the companion app know when you have used a different notebook and whenever you change the pages, it will just move to the next page.

Other Advantages

It is very convenient to use that even 4 years old kids can doodle or practice writing the alphabets with it. It also has a variety of colors and thickness of strokes to choose from when writing, making it look more fun for kids.
Your notes can be synced to Google Drive and Evernotes, making everything possible and a lot easier.
You can choose between two colors, Titan Black or Silver White.


It’s a great pen! Indeed, it is truly a smart pen! Both the pen and the app are easy and convenient to use. It is perfect for business, school, and office or for your everyday writing. It is a great gift especially for university students who love gadgets but could not afford an N2.
Make your life more fun and exciting. Learning and writing has become easier through the Neo Smart Pen.