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A Truly International School in Seoul

Are you looking for an International school in Seoul?

If yes then look no further. Seoul Scholars International is an institution offering secondary education for students from the 8th to the 12th grade. Located at Daechi-Dong in Seoul, Seoul Scholars International aims at providing preparatory studies to scholars in order to meet challenges of higher education abroad. As an international school in Seoul, it offers an avenue for returnees who would want to continue with a culture that they are accustomed to.
As stated in its mission statement, the school endeavors to offer a very stimulating and challenging form of education that prepares as well inspire students for successful academic undertakings ahead. In order to achieve this, the school employees a thorough and advanced system of educational offers. English, Social studies, Science, Technology and Mathematics. All these are curriculum subjects that are taught exceptionally to standards that ensure success at the university level. Extra-curricular activities are not spared either. At Seoul Scholars International, you will most definitely find an activity of your choice. Model United Nations(MUN) for those who are interested in issues that affect the world. For the Musicians, the SSI Orchestra offers an opportunity to participate in concerts on ad off campus. Sportsmen on the other hand can join the SSI Volleyball and Basketball clubs to gain skills, strategies and also keeping fit. The Year Book and Book Clubs provide an opportunity for budding writers, journalists and photographers.
A school is as good as the quality of its staff members. Seoul Scholars International school has highly qualified teaching staff. Most of the teachers qualified from some of the best colleges. They have the necessary certification in their areas of specialization. A part from teaching, the school also offers student support services through the following counseling services; assisting new students in determining the relevant study programs as well as general support through their academic life, college counseling that assists students during college application process. Scholars are encouraged to explore their interests and abilities in the application process.
Student life at Seoul Scholars International school is comfortable, flexible and highly enjoyable. The school operates on a flexible calendar that can be easily managed. The shuttle bus services are also accessible. Engrade Pro is the school’s Learning Management System (LMS). The systems keeps a database of vital student information ranging from grades to attendance. Students, parents and teachers can access up to date issues on students and classes. It is also important to note that we have different school uniforms for summer, spring/autumn and winter.

Are you interested in joining Seoul Scholars International?

The institution has rolling admission that should be done before the commencement of any semester. Scholars taking up this option are encouraged to apply at least a semester before the preferred start date. The admission process involves the following steps:Firstly, the student with assistance of the parent has to fill an application form. The information in the form is strictly for admission and can not be shared with a third party. Secondly, those who pass the initial application process are invited for an interview and an entrance exam on a date notified by the admissions office. The students who qualify will be notified individually. Any need for an International school in Seoul,you are welcome to Seoul Scholars International.